The second Hangzhou art exhibition officially launched the three fiber
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Autumn in September 2016, after a lapse of three years, Hangzhou the ancient silk of the house and the modernization of urban leisure, will usher in Hangzhou second fiber Art Triennial, again in space and time dimensions in the range from the angle of fiber art of global dialogue about the history, culture, life, environment and network science and technology.
The first Hangzhou fiber art Triennale in the autumn of 2013 held successfully, as the only international fiber triennial, ushered in more than 15 million viewers, attracted from 40 countries and regions participating artists, and the people for the first time in close contact to understand the contemporary fiber art. Next fall, the second triennial held at the same time, Hangzhou city will be as the host held a G20 summit in 2016, then, international city and international project parallel track, for the exhibition bring a more international perspective and cultural vitality.

        If the theme of the first session of Hangzhou Fiber Art Triennial "fiber, as a vision" is to seek multiple perspectives, then second theme "I weave I in is declaring a world view, back to the fiber art ontology," why do we weave ", questions is not only the artists, and craftsmen, institutions of local industry, education and scientific research institutions, even each of us ordinary workers. The second session of the Fiber Art Triennial by two young curators who Liu Xiao and Xu Jia, and Sofia, Bulgaria National Academy of fine arts professor assadour markarov co starred proposed in woven with people and social relationship, and contemporary art situation found in heart palm reading, with the perception of body art to explore the way.

        So, "weaving" and "existence" has become not only the second session of the three exhibition theme, has also become a curatorial way. The whole exhibition will be a kind of repeated weaving attitude to the narrative, set the role, props and scenes, series of artists, theme structure and social scene. In addition to from more than 20 countries around the world more than 40 fiber artists, contemporary artists, weaving, the architect's works, this triennial also invited fiber art world of today's most dynamic and walk in the front theory researchers, curators and scholars, seminar on education of fiber art in the history of the case and ongoing fabric project research shows, and gradually establish a complete world fiber art archives. Exhibition will also introduce academic dialogue mechanism, called "fiber channel, in dialogue with the image presentation of scattered in every corner of the hall, the triennial become a comprehensive repertoire independent methodology.

        Exhibition, artists will serve as speak, sing the praises of the declaration and other visible presence, will also serve as a prophet, exhortation and forgetting their invisible exist, they and works together constitute the role; props for displaying local knowledge, dialogue of fiber art and traditional arts visual grammar; scene include four with metaphor of myth and history of proverbs stories and local scene, such as socks weaving is the core of Datang and embroidery as a pillar industry of the town of lake, case composition. As one of the characteristics of this triennial, from the exhibition hall in the pure art category jump off to focus on local site, it is the reality of the situation of open society and industry for today's art career. Woven, not just in the creators who, is by way of industry cluster and the agnates, there are specific and vivid, daily and profound social reality among.

        This triennial and college relationship will be more closely, during the exhibition will be invited to Oslo National Academy of the arts, the art college, jointly organized by the fabric material workshop, to all college students and related field researchers open.

        At the same time, this triennial plan published in succession a series of fiber art publications, Chinese fiber art field as the first in a series of publishing. In addition to the exhibition catalogue, will be published in a fibre channel reader and DVD, contemporary art in the field of Sarah, who is a famous scholar, Maharaj fiber art theory publications, China Academy of fine arts, fiber art research, thematic studies reader and so on.

        In the 1980s, Bulgaria meritorious artist Weinmann (Marin - Val ban Nuofu at Maryn Varbanov) in Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now the China Academy of Art) to build China's first modern hanging on, he put forward the "production, learning and research" of various fiber art education mode of production. Today, the triennial is based on the theoretical basis of Varbanov, and gradually establish a exhibition, production, learning and research "are mutually woven, woven organization system and continue to grow and develop.

        This triennial will continue on a session of the organizational structure, will remain in the Zhejiang Museum of art, China Academy of fine arts and the China Silk Museum held, Nanshan Road fiber art a line development process, not only face the public also there is no lack of academic temperament, already present in today's most outstanding fiber art works, but also pay attention to the and local textile industry innovation combined, to Hangzhou city is in the ascendant of the record industry development are bound to play an effective role in boosting, and the establishment of the contemporary fiber art education research archives. We believe that the fiber art and the Zhejiang Hangzhou, is to set up a hidden links, such as wall art in Lausanne, glass art in Venice, Documenta in Kassel, Hangzhou has undoubtedly as a center of Chinese contemporary fiber art and toward the fiber marks the city began for the world to understand. Let us look forward to this event held in autumn 2016 success!